For many years I’ve been enjoying the world of theatre and music from starting out as a small DJ business. From the young age of seven I started doing small discos for family and friends and I built up a business and grew it for many years. A nice bit of pocket money for a kid!

From having a passion of music and technology I worked out in high school i wanted to go into the world of Lighting Design from this I went into the more academic route to start with, doing a year of sixth form until realising City College Norwich did a Production Arts course which was perfect and the exact route I wanted to go. From joining this the Level 3 Course and doing two years under the guidance of fantastic tutors I learnt my craft and progressed through to completing my final course work doing a timecoded dance show with the Level 2+3 Dance show on GrandMA2, something unique for the college at the time.

During this I was learning my trade working in the industry at Potters Leisure Resort employed as a part time lighting technician and eventually progressing my way up to  Lighting Technician 1 full time. (Looking after the operation of the Potters Theatre Company shows and designing for incoming acts). Eventually I wanted to spread my wings and decided I wanted to become freelance so created my identity of Joe Thomas Design and the past few years have been insane!