Lighting Design

Lighting Design is our core at Joe Thomas Design. Coming from a theatre based background what every light is doing and why it is doing that is thought about to maximise a contextual production. If it’s music, theatre or dance all the design is always thought about from a timecoded show to a ‘busking’ show, we will always carry the same standard.

Lighting Programming

Being most experienced on grandMA2 used on major productions to stocking Avolites Quartz and data racks we can provide the best and most reliable programming techniques, while keeping show files tidy and efficient. On top of programming pre-production and post production documentation and Moving Light Assistant documentation can also be done.

Pre-Visulisation & Pre-Programming

As standard for most programming and design the shows tend to be pre-visualised to make best use of the time in a venue, theatre or show environment. To make shows more efficient we have worked with clients in producing Wysiwyg plans to show CAD plans of the lighting package and to also show the end client what the final product will look like.

We use Cast Software – Wysiwyg and own a full perform license/dongle.

Assistant/Associate Lighting Designer

We can also work with lighting desingers to assist with pre/post production paperwork, planning, relights and documentation of the shows.

Video Programming

From 2018 we delved into the world of video and were put in charge of looking after the Video Design for Gigg’s Summer Festival shows.. Having a good experience with working with LED wall in terms of lighting knowing what works well in a production and how to spend time making sure everything works together is what we do best.


We own a Resolume set up which can be controlled from Lighting or separately. On top of this we can design bespoke content to integrate perfectly with the Lighting Design and Stage Design